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Hello. It doesn't look like you're very busy. Would you like to participate in some deadly scientific testing? Of course you do.

Let's begin.


RP journal. What you might want to know about this GLaDOS:

-It's a post-Portal 2 world (both the single-player and co-op scenarios.) That means: Chell's free, Wheatley's in space, and Atlas and P-body have found the human test subjects.
-The personality cores from the first Portal are back, influencing GLaDOS' behavior.
-Caroline is completely deleted. But her work is all over the older areas of Aperture Labs...
-There's a whole lot of deer, broken glass, and wheat fields. There isn't a whole lot of civilization.

Feel free to comment and rock GLaDOS' world. She probably won't appreciate it, but her mun will. ;)
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